Winery & Liquor Company - 500 Bottle Program

Many of you work with a winery or two already. Many of you want to work with some local wineries close to you. The first thing a winery wants is people drinking their wine but how cool would it be if their empty bottles were repurposed and turned into Glasses for their customers to use and take home? We could even personalize them and bring the customer back to the Winery to buy another bottle! Refresh can make this happen. Contact us at for more details and with a small 500 bottle minimum, your wineries will love you for this idea!

Liquor Company
Do you have a liquor company you work with? Do you have a liquor company you want to work with? If I were a liquor company, the only thing better than people drinking my product is drinking it from a glass that was repurposed from our own liquor bottles. It's an incredible story, incredible PR and allows them to participate in the 10 million bottle rescue mission at Refresh. Contact info@refreshglass.comvia email for more details and with a small 500 bottle minimum, these liquor companies will love you for making this happen.