An average person throws away over 1600 pounds of trash per person, per year. Americans as a whole generate enough waste each year to circle the earth 24 times. 75% of all that trash is easily recyclable, but only 30% of it actually gets recycled. One rescued wine bottle saves enough energy to light a 100-watt light bulb for four hours, power a computer for 30 minutes, or a television for 20 minutes.

The statistics shown on the slides above are both sobering and compelling, but with as busy as people are in many cases, just knowing this isn’t enough. So we started the 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission as a vehicle and a definitive goal to confront the problem where it makes the most sense: in our normal, everyday lives. Refresh Glass has set this important and attainable objective to help solve the problem of overwhelming physical waste, by creating and providing durable, unique and beautiful objects for your daily use.

What might seem to you like a simple gift for a friend or a new set of beautiful glasses for your kitchen is also a truly meaningful and impactful step forward for us and our efforts to rescue 10 million bottles. If you enjoy the things we make, tell your friends about our mission, share your experience on social media and most importantly use our products to make your life better. You’re the most important part of our story and the most powerful way for us to share it.

Thank you for helping us on our journey to fulfill our 10 Million Bottle Rescue Mission